Best of 2011 (best graduated @ Antwerp Fashion Academy)

 Jantine Van Peski is a dutch designer that attended the Amsterdam Fashion Institute before she graduates from a master degree at the Fashion Department of the  Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 with the collection "Wire 10.0".

The designer, that worked at Haider Ackermann and AF Vandevorst, focuses her work on the handcraft and the use of particular tecniques, such as  the macramè, to create a modern silhouette with garments that look fantastically unique.

So i'd like to crown Jantine Van Peski as the best graduate of 2011 from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art that has already given us many fantastic fashion designers and, i'm sure, we will see many more in the future.


Best of 2011 (accessories & video)

What i like the most of the end of the year is that everybody is making a list of "best of...": radios play best albums, best songs, best bands.
Fashion magazines show best collections, best designers, best (or worst) dressed celebrities etc. etc.
So i also decided to make my own list for the "best of 2011".

I'll start with the best accessory (and idea) of the year that, in my opinion, are the amazing  clutches made by the french artist/designer/dj and it girl Olympia Le-Tan
I insanely love the small embroidered clutches in the shape of classic novels

And i loved even more the beautiful stop motion film, made by Spike Jonze, entitled "Mourir Après de Toi" that tells the love story between two characters from two different books and that i definitely crown as the "best video of 2011".
You can see the whole video here: DON'T MISS IT!!!! 

There is also an interesting and funny video about the making of "Mourir Auprès de Toi" where you can see Spike, Olympia and the crew working on it

Stay tuned for more "best of" ;-)


Can we talk about it?

Ok, here we are: we can pretend nothing is going on but... yes it's that time of the year: Christmas!!!!
Somebody hates it: it makes them feel blue, somebody becomes crazy rushing around to find the right gift for everybody.
On my side i don't hate it nor love it but i definitely like the decorations, expecially trees and lights on the streets and in the houses!!!

Talking about Christmas trees i'd like to share this video by Lanvin that shows a huge tree in the hall of the luxury Claridge Hotel in London.
I think that the dolls starring in this video are simply cute and Alber Elbaz,featuring himself as doll, shows a sweet sense of humor.


So, dear friends, if you love it or not i wish you happy holydays!!!


The Green Spread

Sometimes it happens, usually in the mid after noon, that i feel hungry and i'd like a  fast snack to calm down my crying stomach but without grabbing any junk food!!! 
As i love fresh and healthy food  the solution is to prepare some spreads to have ready when i need it.
Tofu spreads are easy to prepare and you can try as many variations as your fantasy will suggest .
Here's the recipe of what i call "The Green Spread" cause of the high amount of parsley in it.

200 grams of firm tofu

¼ cup  fresh parsley

1 tbsp  miso

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic

juice of half lemon

Make it: 
Put all the ingredients in a food processor and process until very smooth and creamy. 

Enjoy it!!!! 

PLEASE REMEMBER: buy organic and local products!!!! 


Rock up!!!

Calla Haynes is a young fashion designer born in Toronto and now based in Paris, she attended the Parsons School of Design in New York and has worked with Olivier Theyskens at Rochas and Nina Ricci.
Then she went for her own clothing line called Calla where she displays her great ability with printed material.
For the spring 2012 the designer has been hired by the french jeans label April77 for an interesting collaboration.
Calla revisited some iconic feminine pieces of the brand in a romantic/grunge style that she expressly thought to be worn at the famous Coachella Rock Festival  where cool and fashionable people go to see concerts but, first of all, to be seen.

The collection is made of beautiful printed tank tops, Jeans délavés and blousons confortable yet very stylish.

 The collection will be available in stores from january 2012.


These tights worth a trip!!!

I recently took a trip to Brussels and, on a grey and rainy morning, i was strolling on the streets of the charming Ixelles neighborhood when i ran into a small and cute shop that attracted my attention for the amazing tights that were displayed in the windows.
That's how i discovered the french brand Berthe Aux Grands Pieds  that letterally means "Berthe with big feet" which i think is very nice and funny name.

Unfortunately i bought just one pair because, you know, they aren't really cheap although they look quite resistent. Now i regret a little because once i wore them i definitely fell in love with them!!!

Little surprise :)

Well Belgium is not that far after all.....


Do nuns follow fashion?

Have you ever wondered where nun's habit come from? Have you ever thought of a nun choosing her habit? Choosing the desing, the material and the accesories to go with it? 
Well, i did wonder many times about it and it has been a nice surprise to discover the work of the american artist Julia Sherman.
Julia started thinking about the origins of nuns habit after she did a research on wigs worn by orthodox jewish women for her project called "She Goes Covered".

The artist went to Michigan for visiting the Nun Dolls Museum
where a collection of dolls dressed in monastic habits is displayed and she started her project for creating an on line archive of habits patterns to be accesible any times by nuns.

That's how Mother Mary Magdalene came in touch with Julia: Mother Mary was looking for a habit for the new Anglican Catholic order she founded and called "Community of Compassion".  
So, in collaboration with JF & Son they create the wardrobe for the new monastic order with the only requires of using natural materials and, of course, being modest.

Here are some pics of the artist herself wearing clothes from the collection which includes also underwear garments:

And this is a habit i would definitely wear if i were a nun:

And by the way: you can download the pattern for making your own Dominican nun habit  here .
Have fun!!!!


Updating on 3as4

It seems like everybody is talking about Threeasfour in these days, i see them every time i open a fashion magazine or a web site: well it means that i'm not the only one obsessed by them  :)
In the post "3as4 once again!!!" i told you about the exhibit that is going on in Tel Aviv and the video that was going to be realised. 
Few days ago i've found this interesting article  on the New York Times  and the beautiful video that has been produced: enjoy it here


Playing now

What's new in my iTunes music library? 
Well, in the last few days i've been constantly listening to "Crazy Clown Time" the new (and first) album by David Lynch.

I'm a huge Lynch fan: i love the weird and disturbed atmosphere of his films, i like his drawings, his poems and guess what? I like his album!!!
The music, in Lynch's films, plays an important role and the director himself has always collaborated with the composers for creating that kind of "Lynch sound": do you remember Twin Peaks soundtrack? 
 "Crazy Clown Time" is definitely soaked in that kind of atmosphere, it makes me think of Mulholland Drive and, of course, the above mentioned Twin Peaks.

  "Good day Today" is one of my favorite songs of the album: i like the electronic-kind-of-kraut-rock effect of his voice, maybe also a little "Daft Punk".....

 Bravo David: I luv U!!!


3as4: once again!!!

As first post of this blog i did choose to talk about Threeasfour which, in my opinion, is the most interesting fashion brand of the moment.
Today i'm going to talk about the three designers behind Threeasfour once again: thank you to Purple Fashion Magazine , the biannual french fashion magazine directed by Olivier Zahm, and to its blog Purple Diary.
Few days ago on the PFM blog they posted some pics of Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil at their studio in Chinatown, NYC.
They look amazingly glamorous in their own clothes!!!! 
The studio itself looks pretty beautiful and full of treasures: i hope to have the chance of visiting them one day in NYC!!!

I'm madly in love about their style and especially with the S/S 2012 collection inSALAAM inSHALLOM  which, after being showed during the NY fashion week,  has been presented on november 27th at the first Tel Aviv fashion week.
Tel Aviv is celebrating the trio of designers also with an exhibition at the Beit Ha'ir museum where they are running a fashion project called "A year of fashion at Beit Ha'ir" that will take place thru the year 2012 and that will involve innovative fashion designers from 10 different countries such as Daniel Palillo from Finland, Anne Valerie Hash from France and many more.
The musem has worked in collaboration with Threeasfour also for creating an original movie and a music project: looking forward to see what will come out!!!!

In the meantime enjoy the pics here