The september issue....

Here's a beautiful shot by Steven Meisel for the september issue of Vogue Italia, that will hit the stands in the next days

Carolyn Murphy, clad in Prada, looks gorgeous surrounded by rubber masks: looking forward to see the complete coverage.


Put a little sugar in your life.

I haven't been posting a recipe for a long time, well summer has been kind of hot here and cooking wasn't exactly pleasant….
But this is that time of the year when the plum trees are overloaded with dark purple, sweet and juicy fruits and, for me, that means plum coffee cake aka one of my favorite dessert!!!

The original recipe for this delicious treat is from Joy of Baking, which is a real mine for traditional cakes, pies, cookies and many other baked goods recipes.
I did few changes, though, to the original recipe in order to make it vegan.
It is very easy so, if you would like give it a try, just make these substitutions from the JoB recipe:
use a plain soy yogurt instead of the regular one (same quantity) and use a small, ripe and mashed banana in place of the egg. 

I also make it more healthy by using all organic ingredients, whole spelt flour and unrefined sugar. Spelt flour is very good for desserts as it is naturally sweeter than the wheat flour.

This cake is absolutely great for breakfast as it is perfect with coffee or tea but i like it any time of the day!!!


Oversized you!!!!

It's the big thing for the F/W 2012, the must have, it is what everybody is talking about : the oversized coat.
Soft and cozy, rigid and gritty. Ladylike or urban warrior.
The choice is up to you.
A new silhouette will be walking around the streets: small heads popping out from exaggerated shaped coats.

Oversizeing the magic world of Comme des Graçons:

Katy Perry in CdG for Vogue Italia, July 2012

Ladylike and powdery is the Jil Sander's (by Raf Simons) view:

Katy Perry in Jil Sander for Vogue Italia, July 2012

Warm and cozy at Chloé:

Seriously over at Celine:


Bold color and unfinished hems at Lanvin:

Black + white: quilted jacket and new biker by Proenza Schouler:


Over-Parka by Roksanda Ilincic:




a matter of colors

Here i'm after a break caused by frantic working and some little vacation.
Don't wanna talk about the work but i'd rather talk about the beautiful week i've spent in Zurich visiting a friend and riding around the whole city with my bicycle.
Zurich is definitely a paradise for bikers: bicycle lanes are everywhere and everybody respects them. It's not that normal to me, as in Italy, car drivers seem don't even see you and your bicycle on the road....

Talking about fashion Zuricher aren't so dressed up but it's clear that they love to be practical and confy which is understandable when you run around the city with the bicycle.
Maybe you won't see "elegant" people but there's a lot of coolnes and they express it thru the use of bright colors and standing out bags such as Freitag bags, that are a real statement in the city.
I'm a huge fan of Freitag bags since a long time: i love their concept of recycling trucks tarpaulins and make unique bags out of them: you will never meet anybody with your same bag around!
And, as a vegan, i appreciate the fact that there's no leather involved.
The Freitag flagship store is one of the most beautiful shop i've seen around the world: a tower built with containers

having a very Freitag moment @ Viadukt Café

Same building concept of Freitag shop, has been used for a wonderful place "Frau Gerolds Garten"
Mrs Gerold's Garden is located in the Kreis 5, on a former parking lot, and it is a temporary project that will last for about 5 years. After that  time Frau Gerold will be able to relocate somewhere else with her garden, trees, bar and restaurant.
The goal of the project is to create a urban meeting space for youngs, workers and everybody who  wants to enjoy a space full of amazing atmosphere.
At FGG they built a "metropolitan orchard" with veggies grown in big wooden cases or with the vertical growing technique, using energy produced by portable solar panels. 
And also at FGG spots of colors pop up everywhere.

Another way to express style for Zuricher is thru their bicycles and the many related accesories. Also here the color is the key: fluo, mat, shiny, chrome.... so many!!!
The most used  bicycle bags are those by the german brand Ortlieb: they are waterproof, indistructible, practical and they come in many glossy colors.

sorbet hues are in
my choice might be green: matches well with my Black Milk  blue galaxy leggins

baby blue + orange = cool

Yes, in Zurich it REALLY is a matter of colors. Due to it's geographic position the sky is often grey and a hint of bright color is always cheering up.

It is a matter of colors also about design and forniture: so many beautiful café furnished with simple, but yet very interesting style, or buildings' details that become graphic signs into the urban landscape.

I didnt make much shopping though: Zurich is crazy expensive for those of us with Euro.
I did go to the American Apparel store just because i love their underwear!!!
I didn't wear anything special on that day: just simple and basic as the city demands, but i gave my contribute to the "color story" with my hair.

Another interesting spot, along the Limmat River, is the Dynamo Youth Cultural Center

There you can find an access to the river, a café, a textile workshop and a metal workshop where you can take a one day lesson and then sew your own clothes or build your piece of forniture: cool isn't it?

Into the Dynamo's main building there are spaces for dance and music classes, concerts, parties, art exhibitions and more...

My attention has been captured also by the many art works that everywhere on the city's walls


 Yes, Zurich has a lot to give specially fot those who have chosen a certain life style.
In fact, last but not least, i want to mention my very favorite place: Die Rote Fabrik which is located right on the lake!!!
The location is fantastic and the atmosphere is great.
The perfect place for a sunday brunch, a dinner an plein air or a coffe break: good cakes!!! 
But first of all, Die Rote Fabrik, is an amazing cultural and social center with art exhibitions, cinema and the best live music program in the city!!! And, of course, they have a bicycle stores and a kindergarten.

                                              Well, i think that this city definitely deserves an