Do nuns follow fashion?

Have you ever wondered where nun's habit come from? Have you ever thought of a nun choosing her habit? Choosing the desing, the material and the accesories to go with it? 
Well, i did wonder many times about it and it has been a nice surprise to discover the work of the american artist Julia Sherman.
Julia started thinking about the origins of nuns habit after she did a research on wigs worn by orthodox jewish women for her project called "She Goes Covered".

The artist went to Michigan for visiting the Nun Dolls Museum
where a collection of dolls dressed in monastic habits is displayed and she started her project for creating an on line archive of habits patterns to be accesible any times by nuns.

That's how Mother Mary Magdalene came in touch with Julia: Mother Mary was looking for a habit for the new Anglican Catholic order she founded and called "Community of Compassion".  
So, in collaboration with JF & Son they create the wardrobe for the new monastic order with the only requires of using natural materials and, of course, being modest.

Here are some pics of the artist herself wearing clothes from the collection which includes also underwear garments:

And this is a habit i would definitely wear if i were a nun:

And by the way: you can download the pattern for making your own Dominican nun habit  here .
Have fun!!!!

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