Best of 2011 (accessories & video)

What i like the most of the end of the year is that everybody is making a list of "best of...": radios play best albums, best songs, best bands.
Fashion magazines show best collections, best designers, best (or worst) dressed celebrities etc. etc.
So i also decided to make my own list for the "best of 2011".

I'll start with the best accessory (and idea) of the year that, in my opinion, are the amazing  clutches made by the french artist/designer/dj and it girl Olympia Le-Tan
I insanely love the small embroidered clutches in the shape of classic novels

And i loved even more the beautiful stop motion film, made by Spike Jonze, entitled "Mourir Après de Toi" that tells the love story between two characters from two different books and that i definitely crown as the "best video of 2011".
You can see the whole video here: DON'T MISS IT!!!! 

There is also an interesting and funny video about the making of "Mourir Auprès de Toi" where you can see Spike, Olympia and the crew working on it

Stay tuned for more "best of" ;-)

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