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What's new in my iTunes music library? 
Well, in the last few days i've been constantly listening to "Crazy Clown Time" the new (and first) album by David Lynch.

I'm a huge Lynch fan: i love the weird and disturbed atmosphere of his films, i like his drawings, his poems and guess what? I like his album!!!
The music, in Lynch's films, plays an important role and the director himself has always collaborated with the composers for creating that kind of "Lynch sound": do you remember Twin Peaks soundtrack? 
 "Crazy Clown Time" is definitely soaked in that kind of atmosphere, it makes me think of Mulholland Drive and, of course, the above mentioned Twin Peaks.

  "Good day Today" is one of my favorite songs of the album: i like the electronic-kind-of-kraut-rock effect of his voice, maybe also a little "Daft Punk".....

 Bravo David: I luv U!!!

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