Flowers got the power!!!

After days and days of non stop rain, in a time of the year when it is supposed to be all blooming out, i feel like i really need the regenerating power of flowers.
So i gladly realized that, beside the landscape that surrounds me, flowers are everywhere in S/S 2012 fashion.
I consider flowers as a divine gift and , although i'm more a noncromatic kind of person, prints and embroideries are the must of feminine and they definitely cheer me up!!!!

And this is me at the Halep suq enjoying Damascus Roses galore!!!!

Anemone graffiti on Tel Aviv walls


The Gender Game

Androgynous style seems to be back, well maybe it has never been out, but with the release of the new video "ANDROGYNE" by the ioulex photography duo for the magazine Dossier Journal and starring the stunnig belgian model Hannelore Knuts, the trend seems to be back stronger then ever.
The ioulex duo, formed by the model herself and the costume designer  Christiane Hultquist aka Christian Joy,  released this video, that has been inspired by the writings of the french artist Claude Cahun who worked on the concept of "gender" already at the beginning of 1900

Check out the video  ANDROGYNE
and enjoy the poetic imagines and the beautiful style.

Androgynous beauty has always played an important and intringuing role in fashion, music and art.
Rock icons such as David Bowie and Annie Lennox , just to mention few of them, have been a great inspiration for for stylists and fashion designers



Yesterday my hairstylist and his colorist made a really good job on my hair.
I'm a redhead since a long time and i often like to switch from a red to another: flame, copper, brick, with fuxia accent or Ferrari red.... I've tried so many!!!!
This is the last one: it's very shiny and vibrant. I've also cut the lenght: i'm in the mood for a more "spring-summer" hair.

And my favorite everyday lipstick, at the moment, is the Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel nr 34, aka "la raffinée"

The  Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks have a texture and a range of colors that made me completely addicted to!!!!