Well maybe i'm just "a little" obsessed by Maison Martin Margiela, but this morning i couldn't skip the rumors about MMM being the next collaboration with H&M!!! 
The rumor turned out to be a real piece of news: the collection will be available in stores from november 15th 2012.

 I'm not a big fan of this kind of collaborations: i didn't buy any clothes from the previous projects that H&M did with other fashion designers, the last one was Marni. 
I didn't even buy anything from the collaboration they did with Comme des Garçons
and, so far, everybody knows that Rei Kawakubo is a guru for me!!!!
I think the clothes are still "poor" in terms of quality, although they try to use better materials such as silk or whatever,  at the end they still are H&M clothes and everybody knows what happens to an H&M clothe after few washes....
I also try not to buy too much from chains: that's for me a rule on regular bases and not only concerning clothes although, sometimes, i think that some of the clothing chains can save your life especially in these recession times.
So i don't know if, for the next F/W, i'll break my rules and i will be one of those people standing in line in front of an H&M store at 5 in the morning just to be between the first customers to put my hands on "MMM for H&M".
Temptation is strong!!!

Till then, enjoy the Margiela Channel on YouTube and check out the video for the MMM F/W 2012 which is always inspiring.

Some pics from the MMM Avant Premiere Collection:



I've just found out that the "Replica" fragrances by Maison Martin Margiela will be three!!!

 1: Beach Walk, will reproduce the emotion of walk on the sea shore in the full of summer and it will be loaded with citrus scent and pink pepper: mmmmmm sounds good!!!! 

2: Flower Market, with roses petals, freesia and jasmin will take us for a stroll thru  a parisian marché aux fleurs. 
3: Funfair Evening: more sugary, will bring us back to the childhood with scent of marshmallow, caramel, anis and apple: tres gourmand!!!! 

They will come in a glass bottle, very minimal, such as those used in pharmacy. 
The label, made of cotton fabric, will contain all the explanations about the origins, the functions and the époque of the reproduced scents. 

Well, i'm looking forward to july 30th when the Replicas will be finally available in stores!!!!