Something new in fashion.

Surfing here and there on the Internet, sometime it happens to get into some interesting fashion news. 
Today my attention has been captured by "Les Aperizes" a new brand started by Laurence Nguyen and Brian Tamborello, a young american couple.
Laurence has worked at Levi's and Ralph Lauren, Brian was a photographer and a drummer playing in different bands of the Brooklyn music scene. 
Apparently the two met after a Brian's gig and they fell in love instantly.... 
Anyway, they put together their skills and started the fashion label "Les Aperizes". 
Their debut collection for the S/S 2012 is quite interesting: the suits are well tailored, silk dresses and blouses are sleek and fluid. Hand embroidered details, micro prints, precious materials and a romantic vision of life make of this collection something out of time and trends. 
The clothes look like those things that you won't get tired of very fast and that will make a woman feel comfortable yet chic in very modern way. 
What I liked more about this collection are the suits: slouchy and a little over size. Masculine trousers and jackets turned fluidly feminine and sexy. 
These suits remind me of some creations by Belgian designers such as Martin Margiela. 
We don't know much more about this pair but it seems they are talented and I've heard that they are madly in love with each other which is fine, for them of course, and for their creative wave. 
Let's wait and see what they will show us in the future. 

You can see the S/S 2012 collection by "Les Aperizes" on their web site:

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