Good music and a sunny morning.

Yesterday i spent a really pleasant evening: i went with some friends to hear a band called "Hobocombo" 
The band was put together by Andrea Belfi on drums, percussions, harmonica and voice; Francesca Baccolini  on double bass and voice; Rocco Marchi on electric guitar, lap steel, corgi ms 10 and voice. 
The three young italian musicians set up "Hobocombo" about a year ago to play the music of Moondog the musician, composer and inventor, that choose to live and perform on the streets of New York City for 30 years between the late 40s and 1974.
The interpretation of the Moondog's music by the "Hobocombo" trio is simply brilliant. The trio takes you by the hand and carries  you to an enchanting journey thru the magic music of the great composer.


One reason why i love this band, beside their good music of course, is that Andrea Belfi was born and raised in my city and i remember him as a kid that used to come to the records store where i worked at that time. 
I've always been impressed by his tastes in music, that where quite avant garde for a kid of his age, and the amazing style of his outfits.
Today Andrea lives in Berlin, he still wears amazing outfits and, as an artist, he seems to have many good ideas clear in his head.

His career is rich in collaborations, productions and works he did as music performer.
Check out the website of his record label "Cocolate Guns" for more info:

So, yesterday night i went home happy and very grateful to the "Hobocombo" trio for such a beautiful gig.
Of course i bought their cd "Now that it's the opposite, it's twice upon a time", realised by the italian label Trovarobato (www.trovarobato.com) and of course i put it in my iPod and, this morning, i got out with the music loud in my ears on a beautiful sunny morning.

The light was so unusually bright for a winter day that i decided to take my camera with me and take some pics.

There's a Ginkgo biloba which is a kind of celebrity in my town so i went to pay my tribute to its gorgeous foliage
 I walked to the organic farmers market then, where i bought a bunch of colourful veggies:
 On the way back to my home i ran into this:
I can definitely say that today was a day full of sun, bright colors,  and very good music!!!
Thank you again to Andrea, Francesca and Rocco: you guys made my day!!! 

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