Got Shades???

Here we are: sun seems shining and rain, maybe, has stopped falling.
As every year at this time, i'm going on a mission: finding the perfect shades!!!!
Sunglasses are those kind of accesories that really make the difference: It doesn't matter if you are a rockstar, a diva or an intellectual: sunglasses always put the right accent on you, well the right sunglasses do....
There are so many different shades styles out there and that makes the mission almost impossible: wich one are the best for me????


Simply cool

Are you a rockstar???

 Or a diva?

Round Up Baby!!!!

And now i have to make my choice: AWWWW!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. OMG I LOVE these! The Prada ones are amazing, and, of course, I have Madonna's red Miu Mius. Though I'm now very excited to know that Madonna and I have somewhat similar taste! Great post!