Good bye David.

Today i want to pay a tribute to David Weiss of the artistic duo "Fischli & Weiss" that, few days ago, left this dimension at the age of 66.
The swiss duo was together since 1979 and they gained international success in 1989 with the art film "Der Lauf Der Dinge".
The 30 minutes film is a metaphoric and burlesque view about the nonsense of every day actions in our life.
"Der Lauf Der Dinge" is the most watched art film of all times. 

 Here you can see the first part of it:

 I've always been a huge fan of the duo and i'll definitely miss David.

Fishli & Weiss portraied by Pietro Mattioli in 1977


  1. good post and I'll watch this movie


  2. Nice video. I love this kind of fantastic machines!