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I'm Cerryred and i'd love to share with you my passions such as avant garde fashion, vegan and vegetarian cooking, music, travelling and more.....
As my first post i'm going to share with you what i think has been the most interesting collection for the S/S12.
I'm talking about the "Insalaam Inshalom" collection by the american brand threeASFOUR.
Angela Donhauser, Gabriel Asfour and  Adi Gil have been inspired by the symbols of Israeli and Palestinian culture such as Kaffiyeh, Mag David, Shofar, hamsa and evil eye  to create  impressive prints and decoration.

I think they have been quite brave to face the Middle East problems thru fashion especially in these times when the word "Peace" seems so far away to become real in that part of the world.

The three designers themselves are an example of interesting and brilliant meeting between different cultures: libanese, israeli and russian. 

Well, fashion won't save the world but a collection like this sounds as a good auspice, or at least a hope, for a peaceful dialogue between people.

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