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The New York fashion week has just started and we are all waiting to see what the "Usual Suspects" has in their baskets for the S/S 2013, but we all know that there's always something new to discover.  
Digging a little bit, underneath the surface, i've found  out  Degen , a young  Brooklyn based designer which is presenting her second  collection.
Lindsay Degen, who attended Central Saint Martins and the Rhode Island School of Design, is a "knitter" since she was a little child in her native Ohio.
She developed her tecnique thru the years and now she creates pieces that are definitely unique: quirky, funny with a very strong style.


 "ASK TELL" is the RTW collection for the F/W 2012: a game between the gendres roles and, as the designer claims: "... the brand celebrates the human body as a work of art....".

In fact, when talking about designes like Lindsay Degen, the border between art and fashion is really weak.

For the S/S 2013 collection, Degen, presents an even funnier and colourful world for both boys and girls:


I also love the make up artist's work:

S/S 2013

F/W 2012

More outfits from the S/S 2013 collection:

The shoes for the S/S 2013 are a the risult of a collaboration between Degen and Converse: a platform applied to the iconic sneakers:

A lot of fun, a lot of colors and many interesting ideas: i'll keep my eyes wide open on Lindsay Degan!!

Check out a video about "ASK TELL" here.

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  1. Hi! I was actually the key artist for both Ask Tell, and Yesterdays presentation. I am thrilled you like my work, and I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to work with someone like Lindsay who is equal parts genius and whimsical craftswoman.