Put a little sugar in your life.

I haven't been posting a recipe for a long time, well summer has been kind of hot here and cooking wasn't exactly pleasant….
But this is that time of the year when the plum trees are overloaded with dark purple, sweet and juicy fruits and, for me, that means plum coffee cake aka one of my favorite dessert!!!

The original recipe for this delicious treat is from Joy of Baking, which is a real mine for traditional cakes, pies, cookies and many other baked goods recipes.
I did few changes, though, to the original recipe in order to make it vegan.
It is very easy so, if you would like give it a try, just make these substitutions from the JoB recipe:
use a plain soy yogurt instead of the regular one (same quantity) and use a small, ripe and mashed banana in place of the egg. 

I also make it more healthy by using all organic ingredients, whole spelt flour and unrefined sugar. Spelt flour is very good for desserts as it is naturally sweeter than the wheat flour.

This cake is absolutely great for breakfast as it is perfect with coffee or tea but i like it any time of the day!!!

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  1. It's very difficult to find such a good vegan cake recipe,my kids are intolerant to eggs and I'm sure that the bananas add a natural delicious flavour to it!Thank you for sharing!